“Earthworks” for Paper Plans



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Includes “Quick Start” download so you can start working today!

EarthWorks is designed to be the easiest to use and most affordable earthwork software for excavating contractors and general contractors.  Earthworks is available in two versions:  for cut & fill take-off from paper plans or for take-offs On-Screen from PDF files and downloaded drawings.

EarthWorks is one of the lowest priced software packages on the market, with many of the same features offered by more expensive cut & fill software.  EarthWorks has been used by thousands of excavating contractors across the U.S. for over 12 years, giving them a strong competitive edge in the bidding process — quick, accurate cut and fill quantities in a fraction of the time compared to manual take-offs. 

A GTCO digitizer is required!

EarthWorks is easy to learn:

  • Ø 6 1/2 hours of built-in ShowMe! videos provide in-depth information on ALL aspects of the software
  • Ø Detailed on-line help system
  • Ø Comprehensive full-color 222 page manual
  • Ø 7 weekly on-line training classes
  • Ø Highly trained, knowledgeable, and very patient tech support is only a phone call away!

EarthWorks makes verifying your work and correcting errors easy:

  • Voice Verification speaks your commands and elevation entries, making errors easy to catch “on-the-fly”
  • Ø Smart MinMax automatically flags out-of-range elevations as they are entered
  • Ø Our “Display only out-of-range elevations” option shows only those elevations that need correcting
  • Ø Right-click editing allows you to change any information about any drawing object
  • Ø Elevation and cut/fill color map views make it easy to catch even subtle mistakes
  • Ø Color maps screens allow you to check ANY POINT in the drawing and see the EXACT value calculated for the:      ¬  Existing elevation      ¬  Topsoil strip depth      ¬  Over-excavation depth      ¬  Proposed elevation      ¬  Topsoil respread depth       ¬   Subgrade depth      ¬  Subgrade elevation      ¬  Engineered fill depth      ¬  Cut or fill depth      ¬  Work area


On-Line Purchase

Includes “Quick Start” download so you can start working today!

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