Calcomp CAD / CNC Digitizer for DXF Files.



Calcomp “DrawingBoard VI” Digitizer”, includes “Logic Trace” DXF Software.

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Designed specifically for the CNC and Pattern Making industries, The Logic Trace Digitizing System consisting of a digitizing tablet and Logic Trace digitizing software can quickly and easily trace any outline, template, object, or part and create a DXF graphics file on your computer ready for use by any CNC or cutting software and machine.

Tracing objects and creating computer graphics files is fast and easy: 1. Place item on digitizing tablet 2. Choose whether to digitize points, lines, arcs, or circle 3. With digitizer pen trace the object 4. Repeat last 2 steps as needed 5. Save DXF file 6. Load file into CNC or Cutter software That’s It!!   Use the Calcomp “DrawingBoard VI” digitizer and Logic Trace software to quickly and accurately copy a part of pattern for loading into CNC or CAD software.   LogicTrace software works with all types of CNC hardware: plasma cutters, waterjets, vinyl cutters, plotters, etc.    Logic Trace also works with all types of CAD / CNC software:  AutoCAD, PlasmaCam, MasterCam, Mach 3, BobCad, Vectric, VCarve, SolidWorks, Rhino, Gerber and many others.

For apparel design, create output files easily loaded into Optitex, Pad Systems, Gerber, Lectra, Clo3D, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, TukaCad, Bronzwear, Fushion 360, Marvelous Designer, Pattern Smith, Smart Designer, Tailornova, Inkscape, and more.


ONLINE PURCHASE 36″ by 48″    






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          • Trace objects and drawings to quickly create DXF graphics files.
          • Fast and easy.
          • Very accurate with .01″ standard, higher accuracies available including .005″ and .002″.
          • Uses any digitizing tablet.
          • Sizes of tablets range from 12″x 12″ to 44″x 60″.
          • Trace larger objects using the Logic Combine DXF software which combines files together to form one large DXF file.
          • Useful in hundreds of different CNC and Cutting machines including routers, waterjets, plasma, metalworking, manufacturing, wood-working, plastics, furniture, upholstery, garments, and more.


ONLINE PURCHASE 36″ by 48″  



Please note:  For Calcomp DrawingBoard VI digitizers, all sales are final.  Buyer has full responsibility to verify 100% software compatibility from software vendor prior to purchase.


Please call or text for very large size configurations.    1-800-731-3038   Text:  410-227-3871