Quick Measure


Quick Measure Take-off Software for Paper Plans

Digitizer required     

On-Line Purchase

Includes “Quick Start” Download — Start Working Today!


Blueprint takeoff software that gives you the measuring speed and accuracy of a GTCO digitizer.

  • No databases to build or maintain, just pure simple takeoff.  Simple to learn and easy to use!
  • Length, area, and count takeoffs in seconds.
  • Simply set the drawing scale and being measuring.

Designed for Excel Users!

  • Adds measuring icons to your Excel toolbar — works right inside your Excel.
  • Send quantities from the digitizer directly to your existing spreadsheets.
  • Save a visual audit trail off all takeoffs within your spreadsheet.

More Features

  • Conversion calculator – SF to CY, LF to SF, Roof Pitch, Meters to LF, and more.
  • Color coded printouts of your takeoff with dimensions
  • Send quantities into almost any other estimating program
  • Handles Imperial and Metric scale


 On-Line Purchase

Includes “Quick Start” Download — Start Working Today!

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