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QuickMeasure OnScreen                                                                                            International Sales Available!  


"Quick Measure On-Screen" - Digital take-offs            Buy On-Line


If you spend $ 100 a week on printing out paper blueprints from CD's, PDF and TIFF files

-- you can save over $ 5,000 per year!


Digital Take-off for CD's, PDF / TIFF files and Plans Room downloads -- works directly with your Excel sheets! 


Quick Measure On-Screen lets you do take-offs directly from a digital blueprint displayed on your PC screen from a PDF / TIFF file or downloads from on-line Plans Rooms.  Using the mouse on your computer, you simply click on the digital blueprint and instantly generate ultra-accurate square footage, linear footage and item count take-offs.  You can then send your take-off quantities directly into your own Excel spreadsheets or any other Windows or Apple "Mac" program.  You will save tons of time and also a lot of money on your printing costs.  Bid more, Win More!
On-Screen Toolbar -- works directly inside of your Excel sheets!  Click for Excel Screen Shot

As you click your mouse on the digital blueprint, a line snaps from point to point to show you what you've taken off. You get  a detailed visual track of each and every item you've taken off and you can mark up your take-off with your own custom color codes.  You can then store a detailed copy of your take-off and also print-out a color image of the entire digital blueprint showing all your take-off items. All your marked-up takeoff images on the CD or PDF file are stored for your future reference and tied directly back to each take-off item on your Excel sheet.

  Interesting Note:  For exterior work such as paving, site clearing, landscaping, and roofing you can also do fairly accurate take-offs from overhead "Satellite" photos from Google Earth in cases where you don't have a site plan or drawing.  Here's an example for a parking lot take-off, using a "real-world" measurement for an actual on-site linear footage distance which was taken with the "Ruler Tool" provided in Google Earth:

  Satellite View of asphalt parking lot, with take-off Overlay.

               Click for Screen Shots By Trade                                                                          Video Demonstration

                                          Videos by Trade:
              General Contractors
   ■   Demolition     Paving     Concrete
           Landscaping        Drywall / Acoustical / Painting    ■   Flooring

"Quick Measure" will help estimators in all Trades except earthwork / civil.

For earthwork cut & fill take-offs, please click here.

          PDF Click for "Quick Measure On-Screen" Data Sheet                                                       Click for Screen Shots By Trade  


Features found in Quick Measure On-Screen:                                        Buy On-Line


Direct Excel Interface.  Works right inside your own spreadsheets!  Also works directly with any Windows program.

Take-off Functions:
   Item counts, Linear footage, Square footage for odd-shaped or circular areas, Segment / Sectional lengths.
■   Helps you keep all your digital plans organized -- plans and mark-ups are saved directly back to your Excel spreadsheet.
 Apple Mac compatible (requires drive partition).


Architectural / Engineering Scales:
   All Imperial and Metric scales; You can calibrate digital scales from drawings on-screen.  Gives you ultra-precise digital measurements!

■    Use your own current take-off templates and checklists in Excel.
■    Color-code your takeoff items -- save or print out for a detailed record of everything you take off.

■    Works with all images:  PDF's, TIFF, etc.   Import multiple image sheets and then pick just the images needed for your

     specific trade.  Work on multiple PDF files at the same time!  Allows for quick referencing between various sheets, details, etc.


Mark-up Colors:
■    Choose your own custom mark-up colors for different take-off items (floors, ceilings, footing types, wall types, finishes, etc.). 

   Item Counts are shown with your own color-codes and symbols. 

■    Design and print out your own customized, color-coded take-off "legends".


Excel Interface, directly with your own spreadsheets or any Windows or Apple Mac program:
■    Links perfectly to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Your take-off quantities and PDF images are stored directly in Excel with each line item.


■    Print out your take-offs in color, with notes, for use in the field, bid file storage, or to send out to your customers.

  Give your bids / estimates a very professional appearance!



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