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"Pro-Liner" 3-D Digitizers by Prodim International           




For contractors who need to collect precise 2 and 3-D measurements on-site, to create DXF CAD files for use with CNC equipment:  countertops, stone, facades, stairs, glass, flooring, doors.


Construction is the heart of Prodim International's business. Prodim International is dedicated to improving the custom-fabrication process for many types of construction work.  We use our Proliner systems at the heart of the custom-fabrication process -- serving not just the need for quick, precise field measurement but also solving all or part of the digital drawing work in preparation for direct transfer to your CNC cutting equipment.


In construction the Proliner provides the solution for anything that is made to measure: countertops, facades, windows & doors, stairs, iron work, etc.  Consider your cost savings when you can simply send out a 1-man crew to perform all your on-site measuring and then transfer those digital measurements directly to your CNC equipment!   


How It Works: 


The Proliner principle is very simple:  measuring with a wire. The Proliner has a measuring head that can be rotated in every direction and has a wire that can be stretched out for 23 feet in any direction, with diameter of 46 feet (larger surfaces can be measured using "leapfrog" software).  At the end of the wire is a metal measuring pen.   With this measuring pen you simply click the pen to register each reference point along the surfaces you want to measure. These points are then directly translated into a digital DXF CAD file.  With the Proliner you can measure straight or curved edges of very complex shapes instantly with an accuracy of  .11 to .23 inches depending on size of the object.  You can measure any object in horizontal, vertical or slanting positions.  The digital drawing then connects directly to any CNC-machine or plotter and you're ready to start production runs in matter of minutes!


Prodim Proliner door wood      Prodim Proliner stairs wood        Prodim Proliner Kitchen Countertop          Prodim Proliner renovation

 Doors & Windows              Stairs                         Countertops                      Exterior Facades


The Proliner® 8 3D measures in 2D or 3D.  The Proliner has optimal power flexibility because it runs on rechargeable batteries as well as a socket connection for endless use.  The beep-volume is adjustable for noisy working environments.  The ProLiner is a totally self-contained unit with a measuring head that can be folded to the inside for optimal protection during transport.  The total weight is only 22 pounds. The top of the Proliner provides a storage box for different items, like the remote control and scanners.  The Proliner 8 is equipped with easy CAD software with basic functionalities to finish your drawings on the job site.  The direct output is in DXF, CCD and TXT which can be downloaded on a USB stick through the USB port on the Proliner.  Now you can immediately start your digitizing process. The screen size is 8.4”. 


"PROLINER" VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS: Measuring in the field.

Doors and Windows
Countertops:  Detailed Field Demo
Large Areas:  Floors, Walls, Facades


Brochures:  PDF  Working with Stone surfaces              PDF  Working with Wood surfaces





Product: Proliner 8, 3D
Battery   Yes
Drawer   No
Wire length (m)   23 ft.
Tripod back Yes
Tripod bottom Yes
Color Yellow
2D measuring   Yes
3D measuring   Yes
CAD   Basic
Dimension point-point   Yes
Other dimensions   No
Layers   Yes
Leap Frog   No
Notes   No
Calculator   No
E-mail Option
DXF Output   Yes
CCD Output   Yes
TXT Output   Yes
Screen size   8.4"
Power supply   Yes
Pointer   1
Scanners 2
Battery charger   1
Batteries   2
Remote control   1
Key cord 1
USB stick 1


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